Are cheap cannabis seeds any good?

Yes, if you buy them from the right place! When it comes to cheap cannabis seeds it really is all about trust. Some times you can spend over £15 on a single seed, however the average price is £10. But there are some much cheaper options when you know where to look.

Where to buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds

I personally buy my cheap cannabis seeds from Sticky Seeds as I know they are a website and seed bank that I can trust. I first came across these guys in 2019 after a saw some advertising on a forum, for the first purchase I just bought a 3 pack of Northern Lights so that I could test them out. After I gave them a go I was very happy with the result and continued to buy their cheap cannabis seeds.

The more marijuana seeds you buy, the cheaper it gets. They have some really good bulk cannabis seeds at Sticky Seeds where the price gets as low as around £2 each! But you do need to make a purchase of around 100. But long term it is well worth it.

How much cheaper are Sticky Seeds?

When you shop at stickyseeds.co.uk you will find that marijuana seed packs of 10 cost around £25 which is literally 50% cheaper than most other places online! Most other online shops are selling 10 packs for around £50 - £60! Those are the prices I was paying for years before I found out about this cheap alternative. The quality of the product is literally the same!

As many growers know, starting with a high quality cannabis seed is absolutely essential. The biggest problem is that when you inspect your seeds there is no way to tell what the genetics are. So whether you pay 15 pounds a seed or 5, you still are at the mercy of your chosen seed bank. So as I mentioned earlier, cheap cannabis seeds are good when purchased from a reputable store.

What to do next

Once you've had a browse and found the right marijuana seed for you, it is time to use the online checkout and pay for your items. There are currently 3 ways to do this using the Sticky Seeds website. You can pay via card transaction, bank transfer or bitcoin. As standard you will always receive discreet delivery which is very important, as not all seedbanks use discreet billing and delivery!

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