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We are a committed team of cannabis users who test and buy bongs for a living. With a bong you need to ensure it is made to a high quality standard. That is where we come in. Continue reading around our bongs website to find out more on our experience with water pipes and more.

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Every smoker and stoner will eventually realize that in order to enjoy smoking weed they will need to make their first percolator bong purchase. With the cooler smoke and improved taste aside, using a glass bong with enhance your smoke sessions to a whole new level.

How to test your bongs for strength and durability

Even if you have been looking for bongs for a long time, not every stoner and bong user will know how to thoroughly test the strength of their bong. And no, you do not just bang it against a hard surface! I would not expect any glass bong to survive an impact with a hard surface. So be realistic with your expectations. The answer to this test actually takes in to considering multiple properties within your bong.

My previous experience with using these smoking tools is enough to confidently say that they are a must buy for any stoner out there, whether you are use to rolling your own joints or you struggle, bongs arethe best method for inhaling your smoke by far. It is quicker, it is tastier and it is more convenient. Not to mention it is fun and interested and can easily become a collecting hobby.

Bongs are currently the best way to smoke, but every year we are greeted by a new type of marijuana gadget that blows our mind! Granted these are always very expensive and not often mobile or pocket size, but they are pretty damn cool. To improve on this even more consider adding a new bowl or precoolerto your piece, it will really make it stand out and be more unique.

The most important factor is these two points:

Firstly the bong needs to be blown by a professional glass blower. If it was made by an unbranded 'company' then it is most likely not going to be high quality. Think of it this way; If you made something you were truly proud of, wouldn't you want to put your name on it?

The second reason comes next. The wall/thickness of the glass used to make the bong should be a minimum of 4 mm. But, even if it is 8-9 mm in thickness it does not mean it is a quality bong. See the reason above for this. A good well known brand of bongs such as DankDust will always use at least 4mm glass for their bongs. So I would strongly recommend you to go with any glass bong from their line.

The Ease of Buying Cannabis Seeds Today

Buying cannabis seeds has definitely been made easier for both consumers and growers these days. Generally, the possession, use, cultivation, and sale of these seeds are still illegal in many countries. While some countries have decriminalized use of the marijuana plant and its parts, coverage is somewhat limited. The best option for those who want to get their hands on these products is to shop online. There are many US and UK- based sellers that offer unlimited, safe, and worry-free purchases.

A simple search engine query will yield hundreds of online sites. It is of course recommended that proper research be done first regarding which seller to choose. Aspects of product variety, price, service features, shipping guarantees, and reputation must be considered by a prospective buyer. It is not that difficult to choose an online seller because in the cannabis products industry, good reputation brings names to the top of review rankings.

Online outlets of cannabis seeds are known to have airtight policies regarding customer details and this is one of the main reasons for their popularity today. Sellers operate in countries, states, or territories where marijuana laws aren’t too strict. This ensures continuous supply for those who are aiming to have long-term transactions with seed sellers. Orders are placed by filling up forms provided by the seller. A buyer should be very specific regarding provided information that cover seed strain, quantity, pricing, purpose, and other related matters. This will ensure that only the right products are shipped and received by the buyer.

When I first set off to buy bongs online I was amazed at how many shops there was for me to choose from. As well as all the different bong shops things became much more complicated the closer I looked.

So after I had choose the perfect place to make my purchase, I started to look at the actual bongs for sale and I noticed how many different words and terminology was being used. I didn’t have a clue what any of these words meant and when I looked on Google there was not too much help without a lot of reading.

I managed to find a really nice bong for sale that was made from glass and had a cheap price attached to it, I used a website called herbtools and I was very happy with the whole purchase. The bong arrived very quickly and it looked even better than the pictures made it out to be.

I have become so obsessed with using my new bong that I wanted to put together this little website to share my experience of browsing bongs for sale online. I am going to install some sort of social platform so we can all get together and share experiences but for now feel free to use the comments section or even contact me directly on the contact page.

My favourite material on bongs for sale to be made from is most certainly glass, there’s just something about the texture of the smoke after it has exited a glass bong that cannot be compared to any other material. But I would also like to know what your favourite type of bong is?

All of the bongs for sale that I was browsing came with a really thick glass wall. I believe the minimum thickness was 5 millimetre and it ranged all the way to a whopping 10 millimetre thick. Now I know what you think, if you dropped a glass bong on the floor it is going to break no matter how thick it is, but there is still some major benefits to buying thick glass bongs and believe me they can be picked up pretty cheap online. If you were to knock your glass bong with your elbow it could easily fall over yet with a thick glass bong the weight will easily balance it depending on the strength of the hit. Many smokers out there do prefer tobacco pipes (that can also be used for herbs and other mixes). But for me I will stick to the water pipe!