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I am going to share with you my personal experience with coughing whilst smoking marijuana. I will let you know the best possible ways to avoid coughing when inhaling. You are safe here, this is a safe place. I have been victim to ridicule from my friends many a time in the past whilst holding my stomach during a coughing fit. Eyes red and water. Cheeks rosy. Dignity nowhere to be found. I am going to let you know straight away that I am with the majority of cannabis users who pick the healthier option of smoking by using  percolator bongs

The first thing you should do after coughing

Get yourself a glass of water. This will relax your throat, but don't get carried away and pour a full glass down your throat, you don't want to drown. In fact, it may be a good idea to keep a glass of water on the side before your smoke session starts, that way you are prepared. Drinking water after coughing due to cannabis will actually help the coughing subside faster. And remember, the faster the choking goes away, the faster you can start rebuilding your dignity.

So, get to the point. What are the best ways to stop coughing when smoking?

The method you use to smoke your herb will make a huge difference to whether or not you cough. Do you use a joint full of cannabis or a joint with a mixture of cannabis and tobacco? I would not actually recommend the joint over a glass bong but if you do then make sure you don't add tobacco. Some users do find it smoother and easier to inhale with tobacco, but that stuff is evil and if you don't use a proper filter you are going to be at even more risk. But, using a filter will actually take away some of the THC and other chemicals in the weed so that will be a whole other issue.

Well geez. How am I suppose to smoke my herb then?

I was like you once. I smoked joints and coughed my lungs out and was desperate to find a way to ditch the cough. I decided to try another method of smoking which led me to buying my first glass bong. What I managed to achieve with my bong surprised me greatly. I made sure to not make the rookie mistake of taking a huge hit. I put some cold water and ice cubes inside the glass bong to help cool the smoke down. Then I started off really slowly, I built the smoke up inside the bong, just a really small amount, and inhaled... it was the smoothest smoke I had ever experienced and in no way did I feel like coughing!

bong store

I heard percolator bongs can be even more effective

So without realizing it, thanks to the percolator bongs, I started taking bigger hits all the time. I didn't realize I was doing this because I never coughed. I guess the difference between the glass percolator bong and a joint is that you can actually see how much smoke you are about inhale. Without intention I built up my smoking skills and when it came to trying a joint again, I had no problem holding it down.

Well my friend you heard right! The percolator bongs do what a bong does and more. They use water in the same way a normal bong does but they send the smoke through a crazy journey where it gets torn apart and then reunited. This massages the smoke and creates the ultimate smooth texture. You can use ice in your percolator bongs if you want, they normally come in the same shape but the difference is that they will include an extra compartment in the glass. Maybe a fancy spiral, or some multi arm tree. The designs are endless!

So to sum up, the best way to ditch the cough when smoking cannabis is to buy yourself a percolator bong and start off by taking small amounts of smoke, being able to see the smoke you are about to inhale will allow you to find your sweet spot. If you want to view an impressive collection of water pipes for sale then check out all the different online shops via our links.

If smoking is simply out of the question then the only way forwards is to buy a cheap vaporizer