I decided to start making a little blog over here for cool things I came across online, whether I am browsing for new pipes or watching awesome YouTube videos of medicinal grows, I always tend to find my way over to something worth blogging about. The other day I came across some really special bongs online, if you've ever wanted to buy a bong then you should really get comfy and ready about this one certain shop. If like me you blaze that herb on a daily, you need to make sure you are doing it in a stylish and effective way. The weed I buy around here is far too expensive to waste on a subpar roll up. You need to start grinding properly and placing the substance in a bong, or you risk not getting all the goodness.

So www.lemon-smoke.com was the website I came across and I was amazed at the absolute size of the shop, everything I ever read or heard about was available for purchase here and I ended up placing a pretty big order. Once my stuff arrived it kinda changed my life for ever. It might sound a bit drastic but I felt an overwhelming job with my new goodies and I knew that I could stop wasting time preparing joints and just keep my bong by my computer. *Takes bong hit*. My new pipe is always ready to go and I need not count how many papers I have left, which is a blessing as my nearest shop is a 20 minute drive right now and I have no postal address to do online shopping. (I had my new water pipe delivered to a friend). Which brings me to another point about Lemon Smoke, they are fully discreet so you can deliver their goods anywhere without worry.

For their shear selection of goods I recommend you give them a try for your next order, happy smoking!

There are plenty of ways a person can improve his bong without having to buy expensive accessories. Sure, there are percolators, diffusers, and other water pipe accessories that can make bongs better. That said, there are still simple things a water pipe owner can do to make their sessions a whole lot better.

These simple tasks can make a lot of difference when it comes to using bongs. The best part about this is that it doesn’t involve spending any sort of money. Here are some of the cheap ways of improving bongs.

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